High Availability

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High Availability
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Micro Pro’s experienced system architects and engineers deliver high availability for clients in London and the surrounding areas. We strive to achieve 99.999% availability for client systems, known as “five 9s”. This involves careful planning, elimination of single points of failure, and testing of technologies such as load balancing, distributed resources, RAID, and comprehensive health monitoring. An effective backup strategy and high speed recovery are also essential to high availability. Successful implementation of these technologies will result in fewer interruptions to business operations and improved efficiency of staff. High availability will ideally be part of a business continuity plan, and Micro Pro has the expertise to apply both of these concepts to your business.

  • Minimise downtime
  • Improve efficiency
  • Continuously monitor the health of servers
  • Implement failure detection systems
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600+ Reviews from Google, Facebook and Checkatrade

Load Balancing For High Availability

Load balancing is an important component of a high availability system. When a load balancer is positioned in front of your servers it distributes traffic to them based on rules determined by system requirements. A simple round robin rule can be used, or the load balancer can send traffic to the server with the fewest current connections, helping to improve performance. In the event of an outage on one of the servers, the load balancer automatically takes it out of the pool of available servers until it becomes available again. Micro Pro are experienced with a wide variety of load balancers, and we are able to recommend the best solution to suit your requirements.

  • Eliminate single point of failure
  • Dynamically respond to outages
  • Improve performance


Effective monitoring is another essential component of a high availability system. The quicker engineers are alerted to an issue, the quicker it can be fixed. Micro Pro offer 24/7 monitoring on an extensive range of systems, covering everything including network, servers, server processes, resources, and hardware. When it comes to hardware, it is often possible to get advance warning of failure, especially when it comes to storage devices. If RAID is configured properly, it is possible to swap out a failing hard disk before it has a chance to cause data loss or disruption. We can also monitor for potential security breaches or cyberattack, which can potentially result in outages.

  • 24/7 Monitoring available
  • Enable a rapid response to outages
  • Get advance warning of hardware failure

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