IT Security

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IT Security
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IT Security (the protection of all information assets, hard copy or digital), and Cyber Security (the protection of computer systems and their components) are more important than ever now that GDPR has been introduced. A data breach would not only be disastrous PR for a business, heavy fines of up to 2% of annual revenue, or €10 million, whichever is higher.

Micro Pro work with businesses to create a solid IT Security strategies that protect against all possible threats. Our breadth of expertise allows us to plan and implement solutions that cover every aspect of Cyber security from laptop encryption, to managed active antivirus, to multi factor authentication, and more.

  • Create an IT security strategy
  • Protect your IT infrastructure from cyber attack
  • Mitigate against data breaches
  • Comply with GDPR
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600+ Reviews from Google, Facebook and Checkatrade

Micro Pro IT Security Audit

Government statistics show 43% of businesses and 19% of charities suffered a cyber breach or attack during the 2017 financial year. This figures rises to 72% for large businesses. Micro Pro offer extensive IT Security and Cyber Security audits and reviews to identify vulnerabilities in systems and infrastructure, enabling us to implement strategies that protect against cyber breaches and attacks. Our IT security audit will cover your entire infrastructure including servers, network infrastructure, computers, phones, and other devices. As a result of a security review, we may recommend data encryption, software updates or patching, changes to processes, access control, or other measures. A full written report is provided, and Micro Pro are here to plan and implement a strategy that will keep your business safe in the future.

  • Find vulnerabilities in your systems
  • Create a strategy to improve security
  • Ongoing review recommended

Cyber Security: Attack Vectors

Cyber attacks against businesses come in many and varied forms, all of which are covered in our security audits and strategies. Common routes of access, or attack vectors, a hacker (or cracker) might take include installing malicious code on servers, websites, or network infrastructure, or using brute force attacks to overload and crash servers and infrastructure. Often, an attack will exploit weak security or access control policies by simply manipulating staff into divulging login credentials and other sensitive information. A hacker employing any of these attack vectors can cause a serious data breach, loss of information, or service outage. In extreme cases, the entire business can be jeopardised. Micro Pro have the expertise to identify potential attack vectors and create an IT security strategy to combat them.

  • Protect against malware
  • Educate staff on social hacking techniques
  • Implement effective password policies

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