Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides business-enhancing tools in a secure and convenient cloud environment 

Microsoft 365
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Optimise Your Suite of Business Tools

Businesses aiming to drive excellence can optimise operations with the Microsoft 365 enterprise-level suite of essential business tools. The comprehensive licensing bundle continues to reshape the cloud landscape and transform the potential of the business world.

Formerly known as Office 365, the suite of dynamic business tools was renamed Microsoft 365 or simply M365 in 2020. In the United States alone, more than 650,000 companies are relying on the services of the M365 to optimise their internal workflows and procedures.

In the UK, M365 subscribers can go one step further by taking advantage of IT support specialists at MicroPro. We orientate your M365 bundle to precisely meet your business needs, ramp up cybersecurity, help you establish GDPR compliance, and avoid the pitfalls of optimising cloud-based SaaS on your own.

  • Secure, always up-to-date office suite
  • Fully managed and supported by Micro Pro
  • Access documents and emails from anywhere
  • Convenient, bespoke services
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600+ Reviews from Google, Facebook and Checkatrade

Modernise Your Company With M365

Microsoft 365 sets industry standards. It enables your employees to collaborate in real-time, easily organise data in spreadsheets and create dynamic presentations. With powerful tools such as SharePoint, Teams and Power Automate you have a comprehensive selection of tools that enables your workforce to flourish.

Besides offering an easy way for all team members to communicate and share documents, M365 also includes OneDrive. The cloud storage solution gives your employees quick and convenient access to files from anywhere and on any device.

As a result, Microsoft 365 facilitates productivity, collaboration, flexibility and remote working. Not only that, but you also have the capacity to automate internal processes and store all your data in a highly secure cloud environment.

  • Multiple users can view and edit a document simultaneously
  • See changes in real-time
  • Edit documents in a browser - no other software required
  • Dynamic office tools for enhanced productivity, collaboration and communication

Enhance Cybersecurity And GDPR Compliance

Microsoft 365 boasts a suite of cybersecurity features designed to provide businesses with advanced protection against malware and other cyber threats.

Whilst Microsoft Defender reduces the chances of viruses and phishing attempts exposing sensitive data stored in the cloud, the software isnt bulletproof. Opting to implement the M365 with MicroPro will boost your cybersecurity system and protect the documents you store on the cloud from malicious attacks.

With MicroPro taking care of your IT infrastructure, you also get the benefit of our 24/7 monitoring, anti-virus and patch management services. Using advanced technologies, our experts are able to detect irregular behaviour, identify potential threats and prevent data breaches that could incur GDPR penalties.

  • Advanced complement of cybersecurity tools
  • Avoid GDPR penalties
  • Access to cybersecurity experts
  • Improve cybersecurity awareness and monitoring

Benefit From The Expertise Of Our IT specialists

MicroPros M365 team is comprised of seasoned IT specialists you can rely on. We take time to understand your business needs before implementing an IT solution that does not overstretch your budget.

We appreciate the scope of services included in the Microsoft 365 suite may be too broad for what your business actually needs. That’s why our cost-effective and flexible service enables you to take advantage of the tools you need rather than purchasing the entire bundle.

In addition, our IT specialists collaborate with Microsofts IT support team so you can dedicate your companys resources to more pressing issues. We also provide email and telephone support during and after the implementation process to ensure you resolve any issues promptly.

  • Customised, personal service
  • Dedicated IT professionals
  • Avoid delays with Microsoft support

Improve Performance Efficiency of Microsoft Office 365

MicroPro utilises the latest cloud migration technology to ensure your transition to the cloud is smooth and trouble-free. Our experienced experts plan and execute the migration process and handle configurations requirements to ensure your M365 IT solution is working to optimal performance.

We also analyse your companys IT infrastructure and help you choose software that will genuinely maximise operations and ensure processes run smoother. Every M365 migration is planned meticulously to avoid downtime and interruptions to workflow.

Take advantage of Microsoft 365 and MicroPro IT Solutions by selecting the tools and services you need to drive your business forward. Our skilled IT specialists will take care of the rest.

  • Meticulously planned migrations
  • Minimal disruption to business operations
  • Full telephone support from our team of expert technicians

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