Cost Saving

Optimise your IT infrastructure to reduce cost and free up resources

Cost Saving
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Micro Pro offer effective tactical cost reduction services to medium and large businesses in London and the surrounding area. Employing strategies for reducing hardware and software costs and ongoing maintenance, modernising and consolidating technologies, and automating or streamlining repetitive processes, we can significantly reduce the overall cost of IT infrastructure and services. This process aims to free up valuable resources, enabling businesses to invest in growth and client service improvement. It also improves the efficiency of day-to-operations, meaning staff encounter fewer obstacles to achieving their goals and objectives.

We believe cost saving and optimisation should be part of an ongoing strategy, not a one-off exercise, and recommendations we make are designed to keep costs down permanently.

  • Reduce hardware and software costs
  • Centralise, consolidate and mondernise technologies
  • Increase profits
  • Free up resources
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600+ Reviews from Google, Facebook and Checkatrade

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

An effective way to reduce IT infrastructure cost is to leverage the cloud. The cost of renting infrastructure can be much lower than the cost of owning, as resources are only used when needed. In addition there is no capital expenditure, and the ease of setup and management can reduce staff overheads. Software is always up-to-date by default, so less time is wasted scheduling outages, applying security patches, and dealing with potential issues caused by updates.

Resources that reside in the Cloud easily accessible and offer opportunities for increased collaboration, thus increasing the efficiency of teams and remote workers. The Cloud allows businesses to be agile and act quickly in response to their clients’ needs.

  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Eliminate costly legacy systems
  • Improve reliability

Procurement & Asset Management

Procurement and asset management are key areas to review when performing a cost saving exercise. Micro Pro can reduce costs by helping clients make informed decisions on hardware and software purchases. We take into account not only the price, but the long term cost of ownership / management and cost of implementation when making recommendations. Similarly, cost savings can be made through the optimisation of software licences, perhaps even taking advantage of open source software for some applications. Software should be reviewed regularly, and Micro Pro can identify situations whereby outdated or unnecessary software can be decommissioned, further enhancing cost saving measures.

  • Improve procurement process
  • Optimise software licensing
  • Decommission software

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