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Audits & Reviews
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Micro Pro offer thorough audits and reviews for companies based in London and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team provide an objective audit and review of IT systems, helping our clients to improve their operations and add value. Conducting an IT audit involves several steps. The first step is to gather information on existing systems. The second step to gain an understanding of the existing control structure and processes. Once we have the information and an understanding of how our client’s systems work, we plan and execute an effective audit. Then, using the information gathered from our audit, Micro Pro asses the situation and document our findings and recommendations.

  • Add value
  • Improve your organisation's operations
  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Assess risk
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600+ Reviews from Google, Facebook and Checkatrade

Risk-Based IT Audit

Micro Pro use a risk-based audit approach. We evaluate the risk of IT systems and processes to ensure security infrastructure and measures are appropriate for the specific company being audited. The evaluation will include external penetration testing to uncover issues with IT security that could be exploited by parties with malicious intent across the Internet. It will also involve an assessment of potential compromise impact, or the amount of damage that could be caused as a result of the exploitation of any security issues we find.

Security issues do not always originate externally, so we test for vulnerabilities from various perspectives including desktop user, hot desk user, satellite office, connected directly to the network infrastructure etc. We also audit cloud and virtualisation environments, helping to improve risk and data management, as well as stay compliant with data security regulations.

  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Assess compromise impact
  • External and internal risk covered

IT Review

Once we have compiled our report, we conduct a full review of our findings with our client. During the review, we help our clients to understand the risks present in existing IT systems and processes, the potential impact of a security breach, and any potential exposure to regulatory penalties as a result of such a breach. Recommendations for minimising risk are provided. We also help our clients to maximise return on investment in IT infrastructure, and make recommendations for improving value. And because Micro Pro have in-house engineers with a wealth of experience in designing and implementing IT systems, we can drive your IT strategy forward quickly and efficiently.

  • Full and comprehensive written report
  • Advice on increasing value
  • Recommendations for minimising risk

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