Perfect WiFi

Great range, speed, and reliability across your WiFi network

Perfect WiFi
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Perfect WiFi is tricky to achieve. Here at Micro Pro we have years of experience in getting the most out of WiFi infrastructure, and utilising the latest technology we can ensure good coverage and speed wherever you need it. We take into account building layout, possible sources of interference, and the types of hardware that can be employed to plan and implement a solution that will provide fast and reliable connectivity. We can also troubleshoot specific devices that experience problems connecting to WiFi. If necessary we can implement bandwidth management in order to prevent a single device or user impacting performance across the network.

  • Get better WiFi coverage across your entire building
  • Improve reliability and reduce dropouts
  • Increase speed
  • Fix problematic devices
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600+ Reviews from Google, Facebook and Checkatrade

Great WiFi Range

Great WiFi range can be achieved with the help of various technologies, and Micro Pro’s expertise. Higher frequencies provide faster transfer speeds, but in some areas of your network it may be preferential to employ lower frequencies, which provide better penetration through obstacles at a lower speed. In large environments we may recommend the installation of range extenders to ensure good Wi-Fi coverage. We can also utilise mesh networking to provide excellent coverage, high speed, seamless connections throughout your building.

  • Smart use of frequencies
  • WiFi range extenders
  • Limit interference

WiFi Security

Strong WiFi security is at least as important performance and coverage. Without strong security your WiFi network is vulnerable to attack or misuse. This can result in data loss, service outages,  loss of bandwidth and increased costs. If sensitive data is stolen as a result of weak WiFi security a company can be liable and subject to large fines under GDPR legislation. Micro Pro can conduct a thorough audit of WiFi security and make recommendations that will ensure all viable security precautions are being taken. Access can be restricted and monitored, and systems put in place to prevent the unauthorised access or movement of data.

  • Secure your WiFi network against attack
  • Prevent unauthorised access
  • Ensure you stay GDPR compliant

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