Business Continuity

Prevent interruptions to mission-critical services

Business Continuity
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Micro Pro provide tailored business continuity planning for our clients based in London and the surrounding areas. With our help, businesses are able to maintain essential functions during, and following a disaster. Threats to business continuity can come from various unpredictable events such as flood, fire, staff loss, and cyberattack. A company can increase resilience to these threats by optimising processes and implementing technologies such as server replication and disk mirroring in geographically dispersed locations. Following a disaster, it is critical that an organisation is able to re-establish full function as quickly as possible. An important part of this is ensuring backup systems are efficient, effective, and regularly tested.

  • Recognise threats
  • Design and test a response plan
  • Prevent interruptions to mission-critical services
  • Minimise data loss
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600+ Reviews from Google, Facebook and Checkatrade

Server Replication & Data Redundancy

Server replication and data redundancy are valuable technologies that can be employed to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. If a server at one site is affected by a natural disaster such as fire or flood, a second, geographically separated server can act as a failover, with the switch happening in seconds. Data loss can be reduced to near zero, and there will be no disruption to end users. Once the disaster at the first site has been dealt with, and the environment restored, the system can be switched back. Cloud based services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS feature this capability by default. Data redundancy can also be delivered within a server by using RAID drives or storage virtualisation. These technologies can be configured to protect against hardware failure, again, with no disruption to users.

  • Ensure high availability
  • Geographically separated
  • Protect against data corruption

Backup & Recovery Plan for Business Continuity

A reliable backup and fast recovery system is an essential part of your business continuity plan.  careful consideration should be applied to the type of system employed, the amount of data that is backed up, the frequency of backups, and the rotation of backups. In addition, a regular test plan should be carried out. It’s surprising how many companies fail to regularly test their recovery process, thus have no idea whether they would work following a disaster, or how long a recovery would take. Many businesses now use Cloud services to backup data, and these can be extremely cost effective.

  • Ensure data is kept safe
  • Quickly restore in the event of a disaster
  • Plan for regular testing

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