Author: James Kirby

The founder of Micro Pro. He is an experienced IT professional, who has specialised in helping professional service companies and their stakeholders overcome IT challenges and efficiently embrace technology while scaling from SME to Enterprise. He has 20 years of IT solution design, deployment, support, consultancy and project management experience, gained in a diverse range of industry sectors, including Legal, Expert Witness, Accountancy, Managed Workspaces and Care. His experience encompasses design, costing, implementation, project management and support. He has been relied upon for decades by key stakeholders in growing businesses as someone who can provide authentic, impartial, expert advice and strategy and then deliver on time and on budget, time after time.

Microsoft Copilot Cheat Sheet

If you've missed the bus on Microsoft Copilot and were too afraid to ask, fear naught, Micro Pro has produced the only Microsoft Copilot cheat sheet You will ever need... Unless you have been hiding away from the world, you... Read More

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