Boosting Your Business Growth With IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy for Business Growth

Looking for a way to increase your profits, boost your business growth and avoid costly mistakes? If yes, then IT consultancy could hold the key to unlock all these things. IT consultancy can boost business growth dramtically, regardless of size.

Business owners face enough challenges as it is, without adding to that the unnecessary stress of solving IT problems. 

By hiring an IT consultant, you’re hiring a unique perspective, a wealth of experience and specific IT expertise. And this is much more valuable than many people realise.     

In fact, this value comes in the form of optimised IT operations, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. As well as a fresh perspective and an objective eye, to pick up on potential problems you or your in-house team may have missed. 

IT consulting services also aid business growth by ensuring all decisions related to IT and technology are data-driven and scalable. 

As a result, businesses reduce the number of avoidable, costly mistakes and can focus on what they do best.

What is IT Consultancy?

IT consultancy can also be referred to as technology consultancy.

Put simply, IT consultants help business owners and companies overcome challenges, increase their revenue and grow.

Overall, the main role of an IT consultant is to improve a business’s technology and IT performance and efficiency. 

In addition, they’ll analyse all IT processes and outputs to look for issues or risks, whether imminent or potential. 

Most IT consultants will either charge hourly rates or by the project.

What does an IT Consultant do?

When you hire an IT consultant, first they’ll take the time to learn as much as possible about your business. Not just from the owner, but also from the employees.

After developing an in-depth understanding about the organisation, they’ll analyse and identify each area. 

They’ll look for strengths, weaknesses and any areas where change is needed. Sometimes these will be underlying IT issues that a business may already be aware of. 

However, chances are, due to their honed, objective perspective, an IT consultant will likely discover new problems. 

After this, they’ll develop solutions that are right for a business, depending on its size, scale, capability and objectives.

It’s not just about problem-solving

Of course, it’s not solely about fixing problems. 

In addition to problem-solving or troubleshooting, an IT consultant will find opportunities to help the business grow. And the result is usually an increase in both profit and efficiency.

In addition to identifying both problems and opportunities, an IT consultant will develop solutions too. And they’ll make plans in order to capitalise on potential opportunities. 

Often they advise business leaders on the right course of action based on their business objectives. 

For instance, if a business owner is looking to upgrade their IT systems, an IT consultant can work to ensure that it meets the capacity requirements. As well as providing their expertise in IT and technology in order to help businesses decide on the right systems for them. Thus, ensuring the business is up-to-date with the latest technology and has the IT capacity to run operations smoothly. 

An IT Consultant Can Work To Grow Businesses of All Sizes

Naturally, not all businesses are the same. Which is why it’s important to ensure you work with an experienced IT consultant or consultancy for business growth. One that has demonstrable and proven success working with businesses of all sizes. 

How IT consultancy helps SMEs grow

For small businesses and emerging start-ups, IT consultancy can play an important role in their success. 

Setting up a business is not an easy task, there are multiple challenges to overcome. And having a small business IT consultancy onboard can alleviate some of these challenges. 

For instance, installing and establishing your IT infrastructure and IT security is a momentous task. An IT consultant will ensure this process is planned and managed, so that it’s done right from the start. As well as ensuring that your business data is safe and secure. 

And speaking of security, according to Cyber Crime Magazine, 60% of SMES fail after being hacked. Or because they suffered a data breach which could’ve been avoided had they consulted an IT expert. 

Technology and IT can often be seen as expensive. As a result, many invest in it too late. But staying up-to-date with technology is crucial in today’s world. Good IT consultancy services will optimise your IT infrastructure and processes to reduce cost and free up your resources. Which as a new business, is incredibly useful. 

With so many risks for small businesses to succeed, seeking the advice of IT experts is a necessity. Especially if new business owners want to see growth and success. IT is integrated into all aspects of business, so taking it seriously is important. 

Ensure your business starts off on the right path and has a solid foundation with expert IT consultancy.

How IT consultancy assists business growth for larger, established organisations

Larger, more established businesses often have a lot more at stake financially. As such, having the guidance and expert advice of an IT consultancy at your side is crucial. 

Though larger organisations may have already traversed those rocky first five years, this doesn’t make them invincible. In fact, they’ll need to keep afloat in shark infested waters as competition grows fiercer. 

To do this, they’ll need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. As well as continuing to manage large amounts of customer data and keeping it secure. And an IT consultancy can assist with all these things.  

Overall, IT consultancy aids business growth. It helps to ensure businesses continue to thrive by keeping their organisation up-to-date and abreast of new security risks. As well as ensuring all decisions are informed by data. 

For large, established organisations, it’s easy for business leaders to take IT for granted. Especially as it’s integrated into every aspect of the business. 

Keep your business on track and increase profits and growth in the process with an IT consultant. They’ll take care of all IT processes and work in the background to solve problems. So that you can focus on the bigger picture.

IT Consultancy For Business Growth: Key Services 

Boosting Your Business Growth With IT Consultancy Micro Pro IT Support

It’s one thing to understand how an IT consultant can improve your business. But, what about the services they offer? 

We felt it was important to round these key services up. So that you and your business have a clear idea of what you can expect. Whether you’re looking for a full-consultancy service or want to utilise an IT consultants expertise for a specific area.


IT support and general consultation

For companies who want to stop wasting valuable time on computer or software issues, IT support consultancy can help. 

Whether your business needs assistance with patch management or network support. An IT consultant can offer the right solutions. And with their experience and expertise combined, they will ensure your business avoids any bumps in the road ahead. 

As well as providing IT support, an IT consultancy ensures business growth by future-proofing your business. They’ll analyse each area of your business and work out what support you need. Helping you to cut costs and work more efficiently. 


IT service desk services

This is perhaps one of the most common services that businesses seek the advice of an IT consultant for. Unlike an IT helpdesk that solves individual user problems, a service desk performs a much broader and integrated function. 

While they can involve an aspect of an IT helpdesk, they are more proactive. The main focuses of IT service desks are optimisation and improvement. They work from the perspective of the overall business and its objectives, as opposed to simply problem solving. In this way, they work through problems at scale and provide solutions to assist businesses with growth. 

In fact, Micro Pro offers IT service desk services as part of our broader IT consultancy services


IT outsourcing

A consultant can offer valuable advice when it comes to outsourcing. From advising on whether your company would benefit from fully-managed IT solutions. To ascertain whether it makes sense to outsource one or two areas. 

In addition, outsourcing your IT has some amazing benefits, which an IT consultancy can help you take advantage of. 

They’ll help you to make an informed decision, one that’s data-driven and comes from experience and expertise. And they’ll ensure that your overall strategy offers maximum efficiency while keeping in line with your business goals.

For instance, at Micro Pro, we’re dedicated to providing expert business IT advice and solutions that align with your business.  


IT project delivery and management

Having a well managed IT project can dramatically increase your success. An IT consultancy delivers business growth through project management, combining experience and expertise to guarantee success.

An IT consultant can provide specialist assistance or provide temporary extra capacity for an IT project. Identifying exactly what a business needs and what needs to be done to achieve an organisation’s goals. 

At Micro Pro, we want to enable businesses that work with us to develop and grow. And we understand that a project isn’t just about solving a problem. With our expertise, we can help you plan, implement and oversee your IT project to ensure it’s delivered on time and to budget. 


IT strategy and strategic roadmaps

While you may be tempted to create your own IT strategy, without suitable data, experience and expertise, it’s likely to fail before it even begins. This is where IT consultancy business growth services can help. 

For example, at Micro Pro, we deliver strategic IT planning to ensure our clients companies are accountable and stay on track. But we also work to align with our clients wider business goals. 

Forming a strategy or strategic roadmap without an overall vision or without an IT expert to guide it, will lead to failure. In fact, over two thirds of strategies fail due to poor execution. And, according to Cascade, a strategic software company, the percentage of failed plans is 67%. 

Clearly, there’s no denying it. The above data highlights why it’s crucial to have an effective IT strategy. Especially one that’s guided by expert IT consultants.


IT office moves and relocation

Moving offices is a huge undertaking. It’s also incredibly challenging to ensure your IT infrastructure is moved safely and securely from one location to another. 

In fact, it can be a logistical nightmare. 

Of course, with more businesses adjusting to the shift towards increased remote working, relocations are inevitable. 

However, a consultant can help to take the stress out of office moves and relocation, they will help you to navigate away from the risks and help to get your infrastructure in place at the new location.

At Micro Pro we offer relocation assistance as part of our wider IT consultancy services for business growth. We’ll plan your move from start to finish to ensure as little disruption as possible to your business. We have the experience and expertise behind us to keep your business safe and secure in the process.

But, that’s not the only move we can help with. We also offer assistance with mail migrations too. From Office 365 to G-Suite, we’ll make the transition as easy as possible for you and your staff.


IT infrastructure audits and infrastructure from the ground up

Another service offered to businesses by consultants is an audit of IT infrastructure. Due to their specific knowledge, they can offer expert advice on all aspects of infrastructure. 

From providing scalable and future-proof infrastructure that’s up-to-date to assisting with infrastructure relocations. 

To ensure your physical IT equipment and software is fit for purpose and working harmoniously, and securely, IT consultants can audit your business. 

They’ll work to solve any outstanding issues so that your business is prepared for the future,  ensuring your infrastructure can handle the latest technology. 

Whether it’s your servers and network equipment or your phones and CRM systems. A consultant can keep your business running smoothly for optimum success and growth.  


IT security and compliance reviews

IT security is often outsourced, as few businesses have the capacity or resources to manage it in-house.

An IT consultant can help you to monitor or build compliance programs to protect your company.

For example, at Micro Pro we can address the specific policies, actions and procedures that may apply to your business. And we’ll ensure that your systems comply with laws and regulations, such as GDPR. 

Ensuring your business is GDPR compliant is incredibly important if you want to avoid hefty fines. In fact, many businesses have already faced the consequences of not securing their customers information and data. And for some, this consequence has led to bankruptcy and eventual business collapse. 


Are You Looking for IT Consultancy For Business Growth?

IT Consultancy is a powerful thing to have at your side. It can help business leaders make informed decisions. As well as create and deliver pragmatic but ambitious plans for business growth, regardless of your size, resources or capacity. 

Overall, business owners can optimise their business goals through effective IT consultancy services. And, at Micro Pro we offer IT consultancy for business growth which is built on over 20 years of experience and expertise. So, if you want your profits to increase and your business to grow, get in contact with us today

Whether you’re just starting out and want to ensure a solid foundation. Or you’re looking to build on your business’s continued success and growth.

We want to work with you and your team to help your business thrive. 

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