Small IT Support Provider Or A Big Company. Which is Better?

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Over the last several years, we’ve seen IT companies involved in mergers and acquisitions. These transactions have resulted in large IT support providers that appear to be all-singing and all-dancing.

The acquisition of small companies is nothing new, but is it a good thing? History, and leading researchers, suggest large companies might not be as good as they appear. 

Mergers and acquisitions, of course, can create financial synergies, leading to improved profitability and shareholder value. This can result from cost reductions, increased revenue, or improved operational efficiency — which can be passed on to customers. 

Larger companies can also benefit from economies of scale by integrating the operations, resources, technologies and the “top talent” of a smaller company. This integration can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced overall performance — which can be passed on to customers.

This of course is conventional wisdom, that has probably trickled down from corporations and parroted by everybody else. 

Reality reveals a different story. Researchers at Yale found that the lack of competition allows big firms to charge higher prices. And there is no guarantee that top talent will stay on with the company following the acquisition. 

The New York Times asked whether big business is swallowing the world. During the coronavirus pandemic, Big Tech companies took advantage of competitors by buying them out or scraping in the market share so that small businesses went under. 

Small IT Support Provider Or A Big Company. Which is Better? Micro Pro

IT support providers, of course, are not quite on the same echelon of power as Big Tech. But we should still explore whether your business will benefit more from working with a big IT support company in London or a small IT support company in, oh I don’t know, let’s say, Kent or Surrey for the sake of argument? 


Seriously, I promise the following content will be impartial, and basically just say it as it is. Both small and large IT companies have their advantages and drawbacks.

First of all, let’s examine what you can expect when you work with a small IT support provider in Kent or a small IT support company in Surrey. 

Working With Local IT Support Provider in Kent and Surrey

The decision to work with a smaller IT company or a corporation depends on various factors, and what might be “better” depends on various factors such as what your business needs to meet your objectives, and whether you prefer to build a relationship with your IT support provider. Trust may be a priority. 

Customer Centric Approach

Small businesses often have a customer-centric culture and this can make a huge difference when you’re working with an IT support provider. With fewer employees, everyone may play a role in customer service, and the emphasis on customer satisfaction is integral to the company’s values.

And it makes sense for smaller firms to deliver a customer-centric service because they have to prioritise building long-term relationships with customers to survive. This focus on customer loyalty can lead to a more attentive and supportive approach to addressing customer needs and concerns.

Consequently, smaller IT support teams have a deeper understanding of your business operations and what you need to reach your objectives. This closer connection with the customer base allows for more informed decision-making and the ability to tailor products or services to better meet customer expectations.

It can also mean they are more likely to act quickly to implement changes, address concerns, and make improvements more rapidly than larger service providers. For example, they are more likely to see how new legislation might affect your business or help you to adapt to new markets immediately.

Small IT Support Provider Or A Big Company. Which is Better? Micro Pro

One of the reasons smaller IT support providers can make your business more agile is that you have direct access to the company’s senior executives. And they’re the decision-makers. 

Having access to decision-makers means decisions can be made quicker and earlier. There are fewer layers of management and bureaucracy to go through. This agility enables smaller firms to respond promptly to customer inquiries, requests, or issues.

Not only that but working together also creates a more personal connection and may lead to a greater sense of accountability in addressing your business needs and concerns.

Let’s not forget that small businesses are typically deeply rooted in their local communities. This local focus often translates into a strong sense of accountability to customers within the community, fostering a commitment to delivering excellent service.

High-Quality Performance and Customer Support

Smaller companies typically have fewer customers thus their workload is more manageable. This allows them to provide personalised and attentive customer service by working with you and getting to understand your business. 

You may not necessarily get a high-quality performance and response when you work with a small IT support provider but I suspect the majority of them strive to deliver the best level of service they can. You can look for clues on the way. 

For example, what are their lines of communication? Do you get direct communication channels that are accessible? Do they offer direct access to decision-makers and key personnel to make it easier for you to resolve issues quickly and efficiently without going through multiple layers of bureaucracy?

We can’t speak for every small IT support provider in Kent or Surrey of course, but Micro Pro is highly communicative and work closely with you to understand your business. Collaborative projects are important to us because we recognise that our success translates as your success. 

This leads to stronger relationships with clients and the delivery of better customer service. Our IT support professionals have a strong sense of ownership and passion for their work. This commitment translates into a genuine desire to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Small IT Support Provider Or A Big Company. Which is Better? Micro Pro

Working With A Large IT Support Provider in London

The key advantage of working with a large IT support provider in London is the advanced technologies they give you access to. They have more resources and are often ahead of the curve which can be beneficial for their clients. 

It can also be the case that a large IT company mergers or acquires a smaller company because they have expertise in a specialised IT service. Large companies actively leverage advanced technologies and infrastructure to enhance customer service. 

This includes customer relationship management (CRM) systems, automated support tools, and multi-channel communication platforms. This scalability is advantageous for companies with evolving IT requirements and ambitions to breach new markets before their competitors.

Global Customer IT Support Teams

Large IT support firms may have a global presence, making them suitable for businesses with international operations. They can provide consistent support across multiple locations.

Some large companies operate globally, which can lead to diverse and culturally sensitive customer service practices. The ability to provide support in multiple languages and adapt to different cultural norms is an advantage for large international corporations.

However, this is pretty much where the advantages of working with a large IT support provider end. And when you do, you will be charged higher fees. After all, large firms have larger overheads paying for the extensive infrastructures, advanced technologies, and comprehensive resources.

Maintaining a large-scale operation requires significant investments in data centres, networks, security measures, and skilled personnel. These infrastructure costs contribute to higher service fees. 

Businesses looking to work with a large firm that offers the advanced technology you want should assess budget constraints and the value they expect to receive in return. When you pay higher fees you should expect to receive a level of expertise, stability, and performance. 

Less Personalised Service

Due to their size, larger firms are less likely to provide personalised customer experience than smaller firms thrive. Large IT companies typically deal with a high volume of clients and projects. The sheer scale of operations can make it challenging to provide the same level of individualised attention to each customer.

Handling a large volume of clients and support requests usually results in longer response times. Clients may experience delays in getting their issues addressed which means you suffer more downtime, frustration, productivity and profits.

To compensate for slow response rates, large IT companies may implement standardised processes to streamline their operations and maintain consistency across a wide range of projects. While this approach enhances efficiency for the benefit of their shareholder, it doesn’t necessarily benefit their customers. Most businesses need customised solutions.

The Complexities of Large IT Support Companies

The other advantages you benefit from when working with a smaller IT support provider are also absent from larger firms. 

Large organisations often have complex structures with multiple layers of management and decision-making processes. Bureaucracy and hierarchy can slow down communication and hinder the speed and agility in providing solutions.

Small IT Support Provider Or A Big Company. Which is Better? Micro Pro

In large IT companies, employees often specialise in specific roles or areas of expertise. While specialisation enhances efficiency, it can lead to a less holistic understanding of individual client needs. And if an IT support provider doesn’t understand your business, you can’t trust them to deliver the solutions you need to grow.

Moreover, large companies generally experience higher employee turnover which can result in less continuity and familiarity with client accounts. It can be difficult to build a relationship with your IT support team when they keep changing personnel. 

What To Consider When Working With An IT Support Provider

Before you reach out to an IT support provider, determine whether they have the technologies and services you need. Smaller IT operators don’t always offer the comprehensive range of services you need.

The next thing to consider is whether they have the expertise to carry out the services and how much these services cost. Do they offer customised services or bundles (which may mean you pay for services you don’t need and don’t have access to services you do)? 

Consider the specific IT needs of your business, including the complexity of your IT infrastructure, the level of support required, and any industry-specific requirements. Assess whether the IT support company can scale its services to meet the evolving needs of your business. 

As a business expands, your IT infrastructure and systems need to accommodate increased workloads, user traffic, and data volume. Scalability ensures that the IT stack can grow seamlessly to handle higher demands without significant disruptions or the need for a complete overhaul.

Effective communication is also important. It is important that the IT support team your work with understands the unique needs and priorities of the business. This alignment enables the team to tailor support services to meet specific business objectives.

Continuous communication establishes a feedback loop between the IT support team and the business, allowing for the identification of recurring issues, areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance IT infrastructure.

If you already have in-house IT staff, clear communication fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Team members can work more effectively together, leveraging each other’s expertise to solve complex issues.

Finally, check the company’s reputation and reliability. A good reputation often correlates with the delivery of high-quality services. Positive reviews and testimonials from clients indicate that the IT company has a history of meeting or exceeding client expectations.

IT Support Providers You Can Trust

Micro Pro is a medium-sized IT support provider with offices in London, Kent and Surrey. We also have an IT support team in Glasgow. We’re probably not classified as a small IT support provider but we’re not a large company either. 

What we can say is that we have built our company by acquiring top talent and providing a dedicated quality service to our customers. We have grown through sheer hard work and delivering results-based performances our clients pay for. We have bought our way to being big. We earned it. 

Do you want to work with IT support providers you can trust? Get in touch today and arrange a meeting with our senior executives.

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